Saturday, November 10, 2012

What, time off?

At the advice of my coach, I have been taking 2 weeks off from running. Completely.  It has been kind of weird, truth be told. Mentally and physically I knew I needed a break, but it was kind of hard to do without getting 'permission'. It is weird actually being home and eating dinner before 8 pm most nights, but I'm coping :) After 11 months of pretty much straight running, the body needed a break, and I'm not sure if it is just the fact that my body is being allowed to heal, but I've actually been pretty alert in the morning soon after I wake up. This was not the case at the end of the season when all I wanted to do was just roll over and fall back asleep. I'm getting back on the road this upcoming week, but with no training schedule, and *gasp* just running for fun. Then December will be here and training starts again - this time for Around the Bay, which will be my first race over 21.1 km. So, automatic PB for me!

Being honest, it is nice to have the downtime, and I am kind of looking forward to running again. I'm not as burnt out as I was at the end of last season, but I did need the break, and I don't think missing the training will affect me much speed-wise. I'll probably be sad at how slow I feel when I start up again, and that my cardio will be down a bit, but that'll come back quickly. Actually I might be "racing" this weekend on Sunday. It's a club championship that my parents belong to (and me, technically), and I may run as a training run. I haven't decided yet. I am supposed to go out that day anyway, so it's a possibility. That being said, I'm crap at running a 'race' and not racing it, and considering I haven't done anything for 2 weeks, it could be a recipe for disaster. We'll see. Of course, the weather might be crap, and I'll just say screw it to going out for a run.