Saturday, October 9, 2010

Runs and rainbows

So this week's runs went ok, though weren't spectacular. On Tuesday, I didn't wear sleeves, and my arms were cold for the majority of my run as it was cool and rainy. But on the way back home, there was this awesome rainbow that cheered me up. It was really clear and...bright, and I could see the full 180 arc of it. So even though the run wasn't really awesome, if I didn't go for it, I never would have seen the rainbow.

The second run of the week I did with my Learn to Run crew. While I've graduated from the program a while ago, I still come out to help with one of the groups, and to run with people. And that run went well, though was a little slower than I would have liked ideally, but it was nice to be running with people and the weather was perfect. In its own way, running with beginner runners is kind of inspiring - I think it takes a lot of guts to come out and do something new, and learn how to do it. And it's fun being a bit of a cheerleader, and being encouraging. It also helps for getting any negative thoughts out of my head when we start running and I always feel so positive about my runs with them. It's also kind of neat to talk to them before and after their first race, because they are always so excited and happy before and after, since a lot of them never thought they would ever be able to run a 5k race and being able to do so is a huge deal. I find it inspiring, and even though I'm into longer distances now, I don't think 5k is anything to sneeze at - I remember when I ran my first 5k since getting back into running, and it was a big deal and it's probably further than a lot of people can run.

Hope everyone in Canada has an awesome long weekend!

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  1. Hey I took a picture of that rainbow before I went out the door for my run, I guess you were just finishing up as I was heading out for my run!

    BTW, you're my featured blog of the week so you may be seeing some extra visitors soon!