Sunday, November 21, 2010

Not a great running week.

This past week was not a great one for me getting out in running, in part because I'm not training for anything right now. Because of this, I'm a lot less regimented about going out to make sure I meet my weekly mileage (...or kilometerage?), so this week the weather was not great (as in it was raining) so I took a lot of the week off from running, which was nice in that I wasn't forcing myself out when I don't want to go, but I'm hoping it doesn't become a habit, since I want to be faster this upcoming year, and not getting out of shape is probably going to be key to that. Still, it was nice to have some time off.

Yoga is going well. It's very relaxing, and it's nice to do something kind of...just for fun. I mean, yes it does have the benefit of getting me to stretch on occasion, but on the whole it's just something to do for fun.

I'm thinking about getting a pair of trail shoes for the winter since there are the occasions when the sidewalks aren't plowed in the winter, and it would be nice to wear something with a little more traction, and are waterproof/resistant (unlike last year when my feet would get wet). As well, I'm thinking about doing some trail runs in the upcoming year, and while trail shoes aren't required, it would be nice to have them, again for the better traction. Still, these things cost money and do I really need another pair of shoes? In theory I've already committed to a pair of vibrams in the spring (or whenever Novacks gets a new shipment in. So much for getting used to them a bit by walking around the apartment in the winter). I did leave my number for them to call, but I'm not sure how on top of that they are. I'm hoping they do call, since I don't really want to stop by all the time to see if they are in yet. We'll see, I guess. I need to get a new backpack at some point so I'll be stopping by anyway in the future, so I guess I check again then.


  1. Ah so Novack's is the place to get Vibrams, I was wondering!

    Confession - I missed my long run yesterday. I kept saying ''I'll do it later'', then all of a sudden it was dark.

  2. Yeah, I think it's the only place in the city that stocks them (at least that I know of), but they are so popular you have to keep checking to see if they got a new shipment in with your size. I think the girl I talked to the other week said they don't think the are getting a new shipment until March-ish.

  3. it happened to me too..last week seems not a good time to run..But i always compensate..

  4. Hey thanks for your post! I think the problem might actually be what you said - that I don't know where to find it on my garmin. Where was it lol?