Sunday, July 17, 2011

Rumors of my death are greatly exaggerated

It turns out, I'm more lazy about blogging than I am about running, and I can be pretty lazy about running.

So since May...I've had a couple of races - an 8 km one which was hot, and hard, and a 5 km one the other night that and hard. Although I was smarter at the 5 km one. I didn't really race it, I went fast, but I didn't push myself and while yes, I probably could have been faster, I probably would have been more dead at the end, so overall, and probably more disappointed in my time (since with the heat, I probably wouldn't have been as fast as I would have liked anyway). The 8km race was terrible. I started a bit too fast, but I never got a rhythm going so it just ended up awful.

I had a 20km training run today that...went. Never thought I'd say 7:30 am isn't early enough, but I think next week, barring a break in this heat wave, I'm going to have to start earlier, to have a few more minutes in less hot temperatures. It always amuses me when people say how nice it must be for running, now that summer/good weather is here, since in my mind I'm like "uh, not so much", since it is usually hotter than I would like for running. Oh well. Still, overall things are going well.

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