Thursday, September 8, 2011

I've decided running clothes/shoes are too expensive, and I should be sponsored. Of course the problem with this is that I'm not very fast. But! I figure that since I'm not fast, in races - I'm in the pack, so more people are actually around me and can be like "Man, I really need to catch that girl in awesome top/shoes/skirt/shorts. I wonder who makes them?" Ok. People don't actually think that during races (I don't think they do, anyway), but still, more people around me, unlike the leaders who are way out in front, who the pack never sees. So, they should sponsor me because more runners will see me. Of course, the other problem is that I don't tend to wear a lot from one brand, and I'd be fired from being...a sponsoree. But still, I'm all for free stuff, and running stuff gets expensive.

Also, I feel it is necessary to link to this open letter to non-runners by Lesley @ Racing it off, because...word.

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