Saturday, November 12, 2011

Vegas, Baby!

So, I'm heading to Vegas, which came as a surprise to me. It wasn't exactly something I had planned out - I just found out on Monday that I'm heading to Vegas and running a half. So...I guess I'd better start putting in a few long runs so I can at least finish the race with some pride. Apparently Kate Gosselin is running the full, and my first thought was "Well, at least I'm not running the full, otherwise I'd have to train enough to beat her".

The longer and less interesting story (but fills in the blanks of how I could possibly be heading to Vegas and not know it) is that the store that puts on a local race series has an awards night. Every race they put on, depending on how you place in your age group you get points. At the end of the year, the points are tallied and you can win prizes - cheques for the top 3, and I think a gift certificate for 4th, and a shirt or something for 5th, I think. Anyway, through some complicated system where how many races you run, and how much you fundraise you get some tickets in a draw to win a trip to Vegas and race entry into the Rock and Roll Marathon or Half marathon there. At the beginning of the night, I complained that I never win anything, and I ended up winning a draw prize of a shirt, so that was pretty awesome in my books. So, my name was drawn and I think the Paul made mention that at the beginning of the night that I had said that I never won, so I can't say that anymore. I'm pretty sure my mom and the other lady at our table shrieked a little when my name was called. I was pretty much in shock. I probably looked like a zombie. I'd say a deer caught in headlights, but I was moving, so that doesn't work.

I'm bringing my mom with me (racking up the bonus points before Christmas!). I figure there are a bunch of people I would like to go to Vegas with, but since I actually have to make some sort of attempt at running I want someone who actually will keep me from doing anything too stupid the night before/day of. There are some running friends that would probably be good to go with, but I had already told mom I'd bring her. It will be fun mother-daughter time! We don't have much time there, but I'm sure we'll get a bunch in.

Should be a blast. And I promise you won't read a new article about me tripping Kate.

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