Sunday, January 15, 2012

Runday Sunday!

Our weather, here in Southwestern Ontario, has been mild this winter - makes the running nice, though it's weird running in rain in January. Unfortunately, this morning, it was less mild - as in -21C when I went out this morning for a 15k run. Still, despite the cold (and it was cold), the run went really well. Once you start moving it wasn't too bad. And, it did start to warm up later on in the run. Still, the body doesn't like these cold snaps. I feel like it wouldn't have felt as cold if it wasn't above 0C the week before.

Anyway, not much else of import, lately. I have to sign up for my races this year, and figure out what I'm doing for my goal race. I think my dad is doing Burlington, so that's a possibility, and I know some people are doing Glass City. We'll see.

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