Friday, April 20, 2012

Two posts in two days?

For those that don't know, I'm a bit of a running geek. If I've met you, if I saw you talk once, if I went to school with you (which I guess falls under the first one I listed), if I know you off the internet, if you are some fast person in Canada, I will likely stalk your races online (when I remember). I'm hoping that's not creepy. I find it interesting to see how people I know (kinda) are doing in their races.  It is this that led me to waking up at god-awful-o'clock to watch the Rotterdam marathon (in Dutch!) - to see how Dylan Wykes and Robbie Watson (both crazy fast) would do, and if they would make the Canadian Olympic qualifying time. I was admittedly pulling for Rob - I went to high school with him (he was the year behind me) - we were on the same cross-country team and track team. He was good, and was not as good (if I was in the top 3rd of any race I was pleased). Anyway, I was pulling for him, so I was a bit disappointed he didn't make the time, but was so happy that he PB'd by around 3 minutes. I didn't see much of him after he fell off of the pace of the group he was in (I think it was the lead Dutch man's group, from what I could figure out), but oh well. I also didn't get to see Dylan cross the finish line. The coverage was on the interview with the Dutch guy at the end, and the next thing I knew I saw Dylan across the line. At least I could see the clock and pretty much figured that he was under, but it was sort of sad not to see him cross the line. That being said, if I was Dutch, I'd probably rather see the interview, than see some random guy cross the line. So I totally get that part of it...I just wanted to see him finish, and how frigging pumped he would have been seeing he made the standard.

Also, I had the good fortune of hearing Wesley Korir speak at the end of last year. Very inspiring guy. Anyway, totally stalked him through the Boston marathon, and was wishing I could have watched a feed online. Unfortunately, I was at work, and that sort of thing is frowned upon when one is supposed to be doing the work one is being paid to do. Of course, I also watched a bunch of other runners that I know from the area (including my sister's high school math teacher). I do it out of love and admiration, I swear!

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