Saturday, July 7, 2012

Bia Sport, and running evaluation

So, there is this company that is getting funding through kickstarter called Bia Sport, that wants to make a GPS watch for women. Not only will it track your run like a Garmin it also will have a built in alert that will alert authorities if you have the need. Pretty awesome for when you are a little concerned when running alone (which I have been a couple of times. Nothing happened, but knowing that I could alert someone if needed would be a pretty awesome add-on, and make me feel better when running alone). And, it's super cute! And will have metric measures as well,  which I think is awesome, since I don't know Imperial. Anyway, people should send them money so they can make it. I have a Garmin, which I like, but it is fitted for a man's wrist, so it's a bit big on me, and I like the idea of a women run company - no more with the Shrink it and Pink it. Plus if it can be multi sport, waterproof and have fab battery life? Count me in. Seriously. Give them money!

As well, my coach videotaped me running, gave me a breakdown of my form, and I'm now wondering how I'm able to propel myself forward at all. My gluteus medius is apparently weak, causing my hips to drop, toeing out when I land and a big angle from my hip to foot when I run, and I overstride, and sit behind my support leg. Basically all this means that I spend a lot of energy just moving forward that I should get from elastic recoil. Which means I need to start some strengthening exercises for my glutes and core. Joy! Actually, while I'm not thrilled about having to do extra exercises, I'm excited about how it could affect my speed (in a positive way), I have about 2-3 minutes in my 5k times I want to knock off and hopefully this will help in that goal.

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