Monday, October 8, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving Canada!

Went for a 15km run yesterday that went pretty well. Beautiful day for a run! Not too hot or cool, and with the trees turning colour everything looked gorgeous. I was running with mom since she had a longer run on the schedule, so I hooked up with her partway through her run, and finished with her. 
Trees in the park
We saw a heron on the run in a tree so we stopped and gawked at that. I usually see them in the water, so it was unusual. Anyway, the run went well, which was nice.

That evening we had Thanksgiving dinner, so definitely glad I went for that run! Not that I wouldn't have pigged out anyway, but I could pretend to justify it all because I went for a run. I made squash and turnip for my mom, to make things easier on her and my dad. I probably ate more than I should have but mmm...thanksgiving food. Always delicious in my books. My sister wasn't down this year which was too bad, but we just saw her a couple weeks ago, so there is that. I believe she and her boyfriend went to his parents' place this year, and were greeted with snow when they touched down! How crazy is that?  I don't want to even think of snow yet, I want to keep this lovely fall weather around a few more weeks.

Before the race at sign-up
Then this morning I went and volunteered at a race. It was cold out! Had to break out one of the winter coats which seemed crazy. There was frost, but no snow, thank goodness. The race was put on by a local running group, and is a pretty basic race. A 2 km-ish race for the kids and a 6 km-ish race for the older teens and adults. They are cross-country races which is a bit different. And nice for the students because I'm not sure what is going on with their extra-curriculars right now, with the whole wage freeze thing that happened and the teachers being pissed at the government. Anyway, the race was nice! 

At the race I was able to catch up with a friend of mine that's living in Toronto, which is always nice. She was recently hit by a car when commuting to work which is significantly less nice. She was lucky, but she dislocated her shoulder and has to go back for an MRI scan on her knee this week. It was a hit and run which is crappy, and so not cool. But other than her shoulder and her leg being jacked she seems to be doing pretty well and is good spirits. And lucky she didn't break anything and didn't have any head injury, so pretty lucky all things considered.

It bit cold in the morning, especially in the shade, but not too bad. The weather behaved as much as you can expect in October. The race entry is pretty low, and it's nice activity for families. It's a pretty barebones race, but it's not like people really need another race shirt. They had overall, and age category awards, though for all the 6 km racers, and medals and ribbons for the kids. It was really nice. There was some food at the end, and I think everyone had a good time, despite the cool weather. Well, there was this one boy that didn't seem too happy to be there (I have a feeling he was dragged out by mom and dad), but I think he ended up having an okay time. Still, overall it was pretty fun, and it was nice to just helping out, and not having all the worries about having to race. I love to race, but the downtime is nice right now too. Plus I have an acceleration work-out tomorrow which will be fun. And probably less fun if I raced today. 

All in all a lovely way to spend a Thanksgiving morning!

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