Friday, March 15, 2013

One week to ATB!

It's taper time! Which, a part of me is like "Finally!", but another part wants to go out and run because the weather is slowly starting to move into Spring. After Around the Bay, I am planning on doing  a local half marathon about a month later. Also, after Around the Bay, I have a local race on the Friday, which I will be running, but definitely not 'competing'. I don't think I'll be recovered enough, and I don't want to risk injury. Unless AtB, goes poorly, and I end up not racing, and just go for finishing, this 5km on the Friday will be one of those 'just finish' races. It'll be hard though, I think - the course is flat, so it's a fairly fast race.

I'm starting to incorporate strength training into my training, and I'm hoping it will help with my speed. I don't particularly like doing it, but if it will help my running, and help prevent injury, I'll suck it up. Hopefully, it will help bring my weight down a bit as well, which may or may not help with my speed.

I am hopeful that I will have a good season - training has been going well lately so here's hoping for a good Around the Bay!

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