Sunday, February 27, 2011

Race day! And how to ruin a perfectly good race by losing things

So today is the first day of the race series that one of the stores in town puts on. The weather was...ok. The race I was in was a 10k - and at the start is was drizzling a little, which wasn't fun for those of us that wear glasses, but temperature-wise it wasn't bad. The footing was suspect in a few places thanks to potholes, and slush, but overall the race went ok. I felt pretty good about my time at the end (51 minutes and change, the reason I don't know the exact time is coming up later), though I wish I was faster, but I felt good during the race, so that was good. And I placed in my age group and won some socks so that was pretty sweet.

However, upon my return home I found out that I lost my Garmin Forerunner 405, somehow. I got changed there, since sweaty bras are cold bras when it's below 0 C outside, so I know I took it off. I remember thinking that my bag was pretty full, so it'll likely eat the battery (since more than likely it will turn the light on and press buttons), but who cares, since I'm just coming home anyway and can charge it. So I was pretty confident it was in my bag when I left the race. So now, rather than being happy about the race, having a decent time, and placing in my age group, I stressed out about losing my Garmin. I called the store that puts it on, and the place where it was held so now it's just a waiting game (for it the turn up, or for me to break down and buy a new one, whichever comes first). And I feel stupid, because it wasn't cheap, so I should have made sure I had it before we left, but I was so sure it was in my bag that I never even thought too double check. I dunno. Mostly I think it's the money down the drain if it isn't found (and returned), that bothers me. I suppose on the plus side, it's completely useless if you don't have the charger for it, so I'm hoping someone will turn it in.

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